Better cooperation & conflict at work.
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Paul Emtsev: Workplace Mediator, Team Facilitator, Organisational Consultant, Leadership Trainer, Design Thinking Coach

Paul Emtsev
Workplace Mediator. Team Facilitator. Leadership Trainer. Design Thinking Coach.

My mission is simply explained: I want to make work a better place. 

Even though the mission is simple, it is not always easy to accomplish. Sometimes, positive change at the workplace needs professional support. That is why I help individuals, teams and organisations worldwide to improve cooperation, handle conflicts and solve problems at work.

I am a certified mediator, facilitator, communication trainer and intercultural coach with professional experience in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. I studied social sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Université de Montréal, University College London and the Higher School of Economics Moscow with a focus on international relations, conflict research, discourse analysis and organisational psychology.

Let us work together. 
Here is what I can do for you.

business faciliation & workplace mediation

& mediation

How to improve dialogue and strengthen cooperation at work? How to deal with conflicts before they get out of hand? And how to bring people together after things escalated?

organisational consulting & business coaching

& coaching

How to change a working culture? How to develop strategies that unite teams and reduce conflict? And how to handle professional challenges with clarity and confidence?

leadership training & team workshops

training &

How to better communicate at the workplace, even across cultural borders? How to improve leadership and cooperation skills? And how to deal with personal conflicts at work?

international collaboration & conflict resolution


How to work together in international teams and organisations? How to deal with cross-border business conflicts? And how to improve diversity and inclusion at the workplace?

International partners 
Work without borders.

In our globalized world, people work across borders. Together as international partners from various world regions, we offer specialised facilitation, mediation, consulting and training - to make work a better place, everywhere.

Cooperate with competence
I have particular industry knowledge within the following sectors.

Climate & environment

urban & regional climate protection, circular economy, public administrations, NGO's


automotive & car sharing, aviation, public transportation, cycling

Urban development

future cities, real estate, buildings & construction

Renewable energy

power supply, energy grids, wind energy, solar power, geothermal energy

Science & social services

education, scientific research, health care, charity & welfare, think tanks, foundations

International & intercultural cooperation

multinational corporations, international organisations, NGO's, political & cultural representations

Which language do you prefer?
I provide my services in the following languages.

cooperate culture
Your podcast about cooperation, conflict & culture at work.

cooperate culture on Spotify
emtsev cooperation  on YouTube

emtsev cooperation 
on YouTube 
Your video channel for better cooperation & conflict at work.

Selected writings about cooperation, communication & conflict.

Publications by Paul Emtsev
emtsev cooperation


Phone/WhatsApp/Signal: +49 177 77 47 548 


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